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The Society offers a variety of printed and digital media, as described under the following headings.

  • Guide to the Continental Divide Trail
  • Printed maps
  • Digital (CD) maps
  • Videos
  • Archived newsletters
  • Embroidered patches

For a price list and order information, go to the Order page.

Guide to the Continental Divide Trail

This series of guidebooks provides a mile-by-mile description of  the Continental Divide Trail.  In addition to the seven basic volumes, two supplements have been published that reflect changes, largely as a result of new trail construction, since those books were originally issued.  The descriptive text gives mileages, to the nearest 0.1 mile, for important features.  Descriptions deviate from the designated trail where better routes appear to exist. U.S. Geological Survey maps are identified in the text; and, except for the supplements, each of the guidebooks contains overview maps at a scale of about inch to the mile.  The trail description is written north-to-south (except for v.1: Northern Montana, which also includes south-to-north.) The guidebooks are as follows:

          v.1 Northern Montana (Canada to Rogers Pass)

          v.2 Southern Montana and Idaho

                        (Rogers Pass to Macks Inn)                            

          v.3 Wyoming (Macks Inn to Rawlins)

              v.3 Supplement (2010)

          v.4 Northern Colorado (Rawlins to Copper Mountain)

             v.4 Supplement (2009)

          v.5 Southern Colorado (Copper Mountain to Cumbres Pass)

          v.6 Northern New Mexico (Cumbres Pass to Grants)

          v.7 Southern New Mexico (Grants to Mexico)


The guidebooks have been well received by hikers, as indicated in representative user comments.


Unless you already have the original publication of v.3 or v.4, an order for either the Wyoming guidebook or the Northern Colorado guidebook should always include the associated supplement.


Printed Maps

We  offer printed maps covering several portions of the Continental Divide Trail.  All are topographic, on waterproof, tearproof stock with supplementary text, published by National Geographic, except as noted.  They are available in sets, as indicated below, not as individual maps.

Map-Pak 1 (for use with Guidebook 1):  Includes National Geographic 1:125000 map of Glacier (and Waterton), along with the 1990 Forest Service map (1:100000) of the Bob Marshall, Great Bear, and Scapegoat Complex.


Map-Pak 2 (for use with Guidebook 2): Includes 4  Forest Service waterproof maps   ( inch  = 1 mile, not topographic), plus photocopy of route near Macks Inn.


Map-Pak 3 (for use with Guidebook 3):  Includes two National Geographic maps of Yellowstone National Park (1:63360), also covering the route south as far as Two Ocean Pass. With two Earthwalk 1:48000 waterproof maps covering the Wind Rivers from Union Pass to Little Sandy Lake.


Map-Pak 4 (for use with Guidebook 4):  Covers all of v.4 south of the Wyoming-Colorado boundary.  Includes nine National Geographic maps (Rocky Mountain National Park at 1:59000, 8 others at 1:40680).


Map-Pak 5 (for use with Guidebook 5):  Covers all of v.5.  Includes nine National Geographic maps (La Garita, Weminuche Wilderness and South San Juan Wilderness at 1:63360 or 1:66667, 7 others at 1:40680), plus two xeroxed pages to cover short gaps in other coverage.


DVDs and Videos


How To Hike the Continental Divide Trail. This how-to planning guide, by Lynne Whelden (producer of "Five Million Steps" about the Appalachian Trail) covers about every conceivable topic -- such as hiking strategies, times and seasons, guidebooks, maps, permits, bears, water availability, shelter, etc. Most of the footage is taken from interviews with 15 well-known through hikers. As a nice bonus, the opening segment follows hiker Tim Hogeboom through beautiful (and splendidly photographed) sections of northern Montana.  DVD.


CDT Diary: Montana/Idaho. Tim Hogeboom has released this DVD of the CDT covering the complete Montana and Idaho sections - with personal commentary on some of the joys and hazards he experienced as well as fine mountain and wildlife photography. (We look forward to his DVDs of the southern states as well.)


Journey on the Continental Divide. Joe and Carol McVeigh carried a camcorder on their through hike in 1991. This 3.5-hour video (VHS) set captures many of their observations and feelings about the Trail experience.


Overexposed: My Strange Life on America's Toughest Trail. Lynne Whelden provides day-by-day pictures of his multiyear travels along the Trail together with his personal take on the experience. It is available in either standard or blu-ray format. "Order one now ... It's hat good," advises hikermiker in the ALDHA newsletter.


Archived newsletters


The Society has been publishing its newsletter DIVIDEnds since 1980. The past issues provide a record of the Trail's progress (and the Society's contributions, notes on route changes (mostly superseded by guidebook revisions and supplements), and reports on individual hikers and their travels. The set of DIVIDEnds includes some photocopied issues and an abridgement of the 1980-89 ones. A sample issue can be viewed on this site. The most recent issues (2007-2011) can be ordered separately to bring the guidebook information up to date.


Embroidered patches


Society members may purchase iron-on embroidered patches  in the shape of our logo (3.5" x 2"). The color scheme is forest green on a sky blue background.



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