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Where's the Trail in Wyoming?

The Continental Divide Trail is approximately 600 miles in length in Wyoming. Nearly all of the official route has been firmly established, though some relocations are anticipated between Yellowstone National Park and the Wind River Range.

The segments, as described in Guide to the Continental Divide Trail, are:

  • Old Faithful Segment. The Trail passes by Old Faithful Geyser and Shoshone Lake in Yellowstone National Park. To get there, however, requires a long climb, on road, from Macks Inn, Idaho to and across the dry Madison Plateau. The route may be difficult to follow in the western portion of Yellowstone. Camping permits are required in the Park.

  • Teton Wilderness Segment. This includes the southern portion of Yellowstone National Park, along the Snake River. The terrain is heavily forested, with much of it recovering from the great fires of 1988. Stream crossings can be hazardous until the snow has melted. A highlight is the Parting of the Waters, where a single creek divides into branches running into both the Atlantic and the Pacific.

  • Gros Ventre Segment.  This is the location of historic Union Pass and the nearby Triple Divide, where waters of the Mississippi, Columbia, and Colorado basins meet. Several stretches of new trail have been created, and additional work is scheduled in the near future.

  • Bridger Wilderness Segment.  The popular Wind River Mountains, with rugged alpine scenery and excellent trails. Crowded in midsummer, but worth it for the above-timberline experience of mountains and lakes.

  • Sweetwater River Segment.  Sagebrush country. Look for antelope. Features include the Oregon Trail and ghost mining towns. The route is mostly on jeep roads.

  • Great Divide Basin Segment.  The Continental Divide splits in central Wyoming, so as to encircle the Great Divide Basin. The CDT generally follows the eastern rim of the Basin. Wild horses are commonly seen. Water sources are infrequent.

  • Ferris Mountains Segment.  This is a largely cross-country alternative route that is more scenic, better watered, and less roaded than the designated CDNST.

  • Sierra Madre Segment. This portion of the Trail, from Rawlins south to Colorado, is described in the Northern Colorado guidebook. Much of it is on road, including some highway, because of limited public access. The southern half of the segment, in national forest, includes the tranquil Huston Park Wilderness.

Click here to view a map of the Trail in Wyoming. (Contrary to the map, the route remains west of the Wind River Indian Reservation. The CDTS route includes an alternate route through the Ferris Mountains north of Rawlins.)

The BLM CDT site includes maps and water source tables for the Sweetwater River, Great Divide Basin, and northern Sierra Madre Segments. BLM has also published this table of water sources in the Great Divide Basin.

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